Work in Progress Presentations

see list of accepted works and video presentations below

Work in Progress Presentations

This session is dedicated to the presentation of high-quality technical abstracts describing work-in-progress in the area of CPS, including preliminary work on theory, platform design and implementation, verification and validation, empirical case studies. The video presentations of the works are available below.

Paper #1: A Reliable Wireless Smart Vehicle Highway On-Ramp Merging Protocol with Constant Time Headway Safety Guarantee

By: Xueli Fan, Qixin Wang, and Jie Liu

Paper #2: Acoustic side channel attack against DNA synthesis machines: Poster Abstract

By: Sina Faezi, Sujit Rokka Chhetri, Arnav Vaibhav Malawade, John C. Chapu, William Grover, Philip Brisk, and Mohammad A. Al Faruque

Paper #3: Hierarchical Temporal Memory Based Machine Learning for Real-Time, Unsupervised Anomaly Detection in Smart Grid

By: Anomadarshi Barua, Deepan Muthirayan, Pramod P. Khargonekar, and Mohammad Abdullah Al Faruque

Paper #4: On-Line Supervisory Control for Surveillance under Partial Observation with scLTL Specifications

By: Ami Sakakibara and Toshimitsu Ushio

Paper #5: Mobility-based Load Balancing for IoT enabled Devices in Smart Grids

By: Nitin Shivaraman, Jakob Fittler, Saravanan Ramanathan, Arvind Easwaran, and Sebastian Steinhorst

Paper #6: Detection of False Injection Attacks Based on LTL
for Fallback Control

By: Naomi Kuze, Ami Sakakibara and Toshimitsu Ushio

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