Day 1: April 11th, 2018


8:00-9:00        Registration
9:00-10:00      Opening and CPSWeek keynote
10:00-10:30    Coffee Break 


Session 1:    CPS Security
Session Chair: Jing Li


10:30-10:52    SAT-based Synthesis of Spoofing Attacks in Cyber-Physical Control Systems, 
            Omar Inverso, Alberto Bemporad and Mirco Tribastone.
10:52-11:14    Guaranteed Physical Security with Restart-Based Design for Cyber-Physical Systems, 
            Fardin Abdi Taghi Abad, Chien-Ying Chen, Monowar Hassan, Songran Liu, Sibin Mohan and Marco Caccamo.
11:14-11:36    Cyber-Physical System Checkpointing and Recovery, 
            Fanxin Kong, Meng Xu, James Weimer, Oleg Sokolsky and Insup Lee.
11:36-12:58    Cloaking the Clock: Emulating Clock Skew in Controller Area Networks, 
            Sang Uk Sagong, Xuhang Ying, Andrew Clark, Linda Bushnell and Radha Poovendran.
12:58-12:20    Sybil-Attack Resilient Traffic Networks: A Physics-Based Trust Propagation Approach, 
            Yasser Shoukry, Shaunak Mishra, Zutian Luo and Suhas Diggavi.


12:30-14:00    Lunch break


Session 2:    Smart Cities and Smart Transportation
Session Chair: Qi Zhu


14:00-14:22    CityResolver: A Decision Support System for Conflict Resolution in Smart Cities,
            Meiyi Ma, John Stankovic and Lu Feng.
14:22-14:44    Dynamic Integration of Heterogeneous Transportation Modes under Disruptive Events, 
            Yukun Yuan, Desheng Zhang, Fei Miao, John A. Stankovic, Tian He, George Pappas and Shan Lin.
14:44-15:06    Impact Driven Sensor Placement for Leak Detection in Community Water Networks, 
            Praveen Venkateswaran, Qing Han, Ronald Eguchi and Nalini Venkatasubramanian.
15:06-15:28    SDCWorks: A Formal Framework for Software Defined Control of Smart Manufacturing Systems, 
            Matthew Potok, Chien-Ying Chen, Sayan Mitra and Sibin Mohan.


15:30-16:00    Coffee break


Session 3:    Work in progress
Session Chair: Xuhang Ying


16:00-16:06    Cooperative Key Generation for Data Dissemination in Cyber-Physical Systems, 
            Kai Li, Harrison Kurunathan, Ricardo Severino and Eduardo Tovar.
16:06-16:12    Underwater AUV Localization with Refraction Consideration, 
            Jiajun Shen, Xueli Fan, Qixin Wang.
16:12-16:18    Toward a Green and Secure Architecture for Reconfigurable IoT End-Devices, 
            D. Oliveira, T. Gomes, and S. Pinto.
16:18-16:24    SOH aware Battery Management Optimization on Decentralized Energy Network, 
            Daichi Watari, Ittetsu Taniguchi, and Takao Onoye.
16:24-16:30    KRS-DGIST: A Resilient CPS Testbed for Radio-Based Train Control, 
            Yuchang Won, Buyeon Yu, Jaegeun Park, In-Hee Park, Haegeon Jeong, Jeanseong Baik, Kyungtae Kang, Insup Lee, Kyung-Joon Park, and Yongsoon Eun.
16:30-16:36    ROS-based Support System for Supervision of Multiple UAVs by a Single Operator, 
            Hiroki Hayakawa, Takuya Azumi, Akinori Sakaguchi, Toshimitsu Ushio.
16:36-16:42    Demo Abstract: An Industrial Control System Testbed for the Encrypted Controller, 
            Xing Li, Mengxiang Liu, Rui Zhang, Peng Cheng, Jiming Chen.
16:42-16:48    Secure Estimation Using Partially Homomorphic Encrypted Industrial Cyber-Physical Systems Data, 
            Zhenyong Zhang, Junfeng Wu, David Yau, Peng Cheng, Jiming Chen.
16:48-16:54    Towards A Cognitive Assistant System for Emergency Situations, 
            Sarah Preum, Sile Shu, Jonathan Ting, Vincent Lin, Ronald Williams, John Stankovic, Homa Alemzadeh.
16:54-17:00    Learning-Based Control Design for Deep Brain Stimulation, 
            Ilija Jovanov, Michael Naumann, Karthik Kumaravelu, Vuk Lesi, Aditya Zutshi, Warren Grill, Miroslav Pajic.
17:00-17:06    Predicting Malicious Intention in CPS under Cyber-Attack, 
            Nicola Bezzo.
17:06-17:12    Cyber-Physical Systems Virtual Organization: Active Resources, 
            Janos Sztipanovits, Matthew Banting, Vijay Kumar, Paulo Tabuada.
17:12-17:18    Formation Control and Persistent Monitoring in the OpenUAV Swarm Simulator on the NSF CPS-VO, 
            Anna Lukina, Arjun Kumar, Matt Schmittle, Abhijeet Singh, Jnaneshwar Das, Stephen Rees, Christopher P. Buskirk, Janos Sztipanovits, Radu Grosu, Vijay Kumar.


17:30-20:00    Poster & demos session and reception


Day 2: April 12th, 2018


8:00-9:00        Registration
9:00-10:00      Opening and CPSWeek keynote
10:00-10:30    Coffee Break 


Session 4:    Controller Design, Implementation, and Applications
Session Chair: Rahul Mangharam


10:30-10:52    Towards a Framework for Realizable Safety Critical Control through Active Set Invariance, 
            Thomas Gurriet, Andrew Singletary, Jake Reher, Laurent Ciarletta, Eric Feron and Aaron Ames.
10:52-11:14    Ordering Events Based on Intentionality in Cyber-Physical Systems, 
            Wajeb Saab, Maaz Mohiuddin, Simon Bliudze and Jean-Yves Le Boudec.
11:14-11:36    Co-Regulation of Computational and Physical Effectors in a Quadrotor UAS, 
            Xinkai Zhang, Seth Doebbeling and Justin Bradley.
11:36-12:58    OpenUAV: A UAV Testbed for the CPS and Robotics Community, 
            Matt Schmittle, Anna Lukina, Lukas Vacek, Jnaneshwar Das, Christopher P. Buskirk, Stephen Rees, Janos Sztipanovits, Radu Grosu and Vijay Kumar.
12:58-12:20    Learning and Control using Gaussian Processes, 
            Achin Jain, Truong Nghiem, Manfred Morari and Rahul Mangharam.


12:30-14:00    Lunch break


Session 5:    Synthesis and Verification
Session Chair: Justin Bradley


14:00-14:22    Efficient Verification for Stochastic Mixed Monotone Systems, 
            Maxence Dutreix and Samuel Coogan.
14:22-14:44    Distributed Optimal Control Synthesis for Multi-Robot Systems under Global Temporal Tasks, 
            Yiannis Kantaros and Michael Zavlanos.
14:44-15:06    Receding Horizon Multi-Robot Coverage, 
            Sankar Narayan Das and Indranil Saha.
15:06-15:28    Fly-by-Logic: Control of Multi-Drone Fleets with Temporal Logic Objectives, 
            Yash Vardhan Pant, Houssam Abbas, Rhudii A. Quaye and Rahul Mangharam.


15:30-16:00    Coffee break


Session 6    Optimization
Session Chair: Indranil Saha


16:00-16:22    The Impact of Packet Dropouts on the Reachability Energy, 
            A. Sanand Amita Dilip, Nikolaos Athanasopoulos and Raphael Jungers.
16:22-16:44    Sound Mixed-Precision Optimization with Rewriting, 
            Eva Darulova, Einar Horn and Saksham Sharma.
16:44-17:06    Parameter Optimization in Control Software using Statistical Fault Localization  Techniques, 
            Jyotirmoy Deshmukh, Xiaoqing Jin, Rupak Majumdar and Vinayak Prabhu.



20:00-22:00    Banquet


Day 3: April 13th, 2018


8:00-9:00        Registration
9:00-10:00      Opening and CPSWeek keynote
10:00-10:30    Coffee Break 


Session 7:    Medical Applications
Session Chair: Sam Coogan


10:30-10:52    Context-Aware Detection in Medical Cyber-Physical Systems, 
            Radoslav Ivanov, James Weimer and Insup Lee.
10:52-11:14    A Data-Driven Approach to Artificial Pancreas Verification and Synthesis, 
            Taisa Kushner, David Bortz, David Maahs and Sriram Sankaranarayanan.
11:14-11:36    Model and Integrate Medical Resource Available Times and Relationships in Verifiably Correct Executable Medical Best Practice Guideline Models, 
            Chunhui Guo, Zhicheng Fu, Zhenyu Zhang, Shangping Ren and Lui Sha.
11:36-12:58    Platform for Model-Based Design and Testing for Deep Brain Stimulation, 
            Ilija Jovanov, Michael Naumann, Karthik Kumaravelu, Warren Grill and Miroslav Pajic.
12:58-12:20    Re-thinking EEG-based non-invasive brain interfaces: modeling and analysis, 
            Gaurav Gupta, Sergio Pequito and Paul Bogdan.


12:30-14:00    Lunch break


Session 8:    Autonomous Vehicles
Session Chair: Nicola Bezzo


14:00-14:22    Autoware on Board: Enabling Autonomous Vehicles with Embedded Systems, 
            Shinpei Kato, Shota Tokunaga, Yuya Maruyama, Seiya Maeda, Manato Hirabayashi, Yuki Kitsukawa, Abraham Monrroy, Tomohito Ando, Yusuke Fujii and Takuya Azumi.
14:22-14:44    Optimal Input Design for Affine Model Discrimination with Applications in Intention-Aware Vehicles, 
            Yuhao Ding, Farshad Harirchi, Sze Zheng Yong, Emil Jacobsen and Necmiye Ozay. 
14:44-15:06    CoDrive: Cooperative Driving Scheme For Vehicles in Urban Signalized Intersections, 
            Yiran Zhao, Shuochao Yao, Huajie Shao and Tarek Abdelzaher.
15:06-15:28    Dynamic Intersections and Self-Driving Vehicles, 
            Shunsuke Aoki and Raj Rajkumar.


15:30-16:00    Coffee break