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Edited by Matthew J. Mandich, Thomas J. Feeling anxious about maths or statistics? A Quantitative Analysis of the Finds from the Roman Fort of Newstead – Some Preliminary Findings (pp. Consumption and Roman Archaeology: Beyond Pompeii (pp. Brian, thanks very much for sharing this here. As an outcome of the survey, an Independent Tree Panel was formed, comprising impartial experts that would liaise with stakeholders and with Council in situations where 50 percent or more households opposed the work. Understanding Neighbourhood Relations through Shared Structures: Reappraising the Value of Insula-Based Studies (pp. This can be annoying for car-owners, as it is sticky, but car covers are an easy solution for this temporary problem. Change or No Change? Revised Perceptions of Urban Transformation in Late Antiquity (pp. There are a few examples of council’s terminating these agreements ahead of contract end, as in Liverpool, Peterborough, and Cumbria County Council. To help us improve GOV.UK, we’d like to know more about your visit today. The Social Identity of Health in Late Roman Britain (pp. It was odd, then, that a Councillor would state in 2017 that “the majority of people in the city want to see this work carried out”. Don’t include personal or financial information like your National Insurance number or credit card details. The Just War: Graeco-Roman Texts as Colonial Discourse (pp.

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Collapse, Change or Continuity? Exploring the Three C’s in Sub-Roman Britain (pp. Charon’s Obols? A case study in the role of coins in Roman Burial Ritual (pp. TRAC 98: Proceedings of the Eighth Annual Theoretical Roman Archaeology Conference, Leicester 1998. From Treasured Items to Trash? The Use of Brooches in Roman Cornwall in the Creation of Identity and Social Memory (pp. Silchester: The Town Life Project 1997–2014: Reflections on a Long Term Research Excavation (pp. The Hoarding, Deposition and Use of Pewter in Roman Britain (pp. The Interpretation of Roman Coins – Practice and Theory (pp. The Quick and the Dead in the Extra-Urban Landscape: the Roman Cemetery at Ostia/Portus as a Lived Environment (pp. GOV.UK uses cookies to make the site simpler. There are two main legacies that define urban inequality in South Africa: housing and transport. Did you know that you can get 1-1 maths or stats advice? Reading the Tea Leaves, Signalling as a Means of Prophesy on Roman Frontiers (pp. Metalworking and Late Roman Power: A Study of Towns in Late Roman Britain (pp. Approaching Architectural Recycling in Roman and Late Roman Villas (pp. TRAC 2010: Proceedings of the Twentieth Annual Theoretical Roman Archaeology Conference, Oxford 2010. Lastly, the response by civic engagement seen in Sheffield is an inspiring and bright beacon of hope in the current landscape of corporate bullying. One Councillor has stated that flexipave was ‘already used’ in 143 occasions’, but an investigation in 2016 by the Information Commissioner found that none of these alternatives had been used in the first five years of the contract, even though they are paid for.

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The Creation of Multiple Identities in Roman Italica (pp. Contact, Architectural Symbolism and the Negotiation of Cultural Identity in the Military Zone (pp. TRAC 94: Proceedings of the Fourth Annual Theoretical Roman Archaeology Conference, Durham 1994. The purpose of this essay is to share some considerations about the meaning of “just City” from the perspective of a lawyer dedicated to the reform of justice administration and, in particular, to the design of systems that promote, encourage and facilitate the approach of justice for the people. This organisation, 9th grade biology homework help which occupies our Council and overrules the wishes and wellbeing of half a million Sheffielders is responsible for the marginalising, smearing and persecution of protest groups operating under the STAG banner. Globalisation, Consumerism and the Ancient Roman Economy: A Preliminary Look at Bronze and Iron Production and Consumption (pp. Not at Random. Evidence for a Regionalised Coin Suply? When I visited the Chelsea Elm in early February 2018, the tree was decked out in masses of devotional content, including poetry, drawings, sing-alongs, and love letters alongside bunting and knitting. The Importance of Individual Creativity in Roman Cursing (pp. The image of a child triumphantly brandishing a dead rat on national TV news in New Zealand, trapped in her backyard as part of a community’s bid to try to bring native birds and lizards back into her neighbourhood, reminded me of the extent to which local people in New Zealand’s urban areas have committed to protecting and enhancing urban... Women and Gender Relations in the Roman Empire (pp. Votive Objects and Ritual Practice at the King’s Spring at Bath (pp.

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To save the city and its reputation, for a start the Council should end the PFI, refresh the priorities of the South Yorkshire police force, and enlist a collaborative, multidisciplinary team in defining what an Outdoor City looks and feels like. Seeking a Material Turn: The Artefactuality of the Roman Empire (pp. In our experience, these are the most common reasons cited when an individual approaches the Council to fell, in which case this will be explained to them. Writing Colonial Conflict, Acknowledging Colonial Weakness (pp. To continue defending trees in this criminalised environment, citizen responses have adapted depending on how much risk they are willing, and able, to take. From Periphery to Core in Late Antique Mauretania (pp.