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It’s unlikely that anyone would explicitly spell it out in so many words, but the fact that someone cannot spell it out doesn’t mean that’s not what their reasoning is. This particular example is bad because he probably makes that sort of speech every week, but anyway). Okay, okay, it’s pretty good evidence, period. Doesn’t this give an unfair advantage to people with way too much free time who redo their predictions every single day? One of my teammates would occasionally email reporters or academics and ask for their probability estimates and reasoning. I thought that was the number of birds which would die. For questions that I did decide to research, my first two steps in forming a prediction were usually a search on Google News for recent information, essay on ''how can i help my mother'' and a search for historic information to form a base rate (more often than not, Wikipedia). The pre-invasion dossier’s worst-case estimate of how long it would take Iraq to acquire a nuclear weapon was shortened in response to a George Bush speech. OK, function could be non-linear, but if is pretty much constant + noise, probably you are not taking number it into account at all and not just precisely so budget constrained for that to make sense. And the other people didn’t care as much as they did. Also, taking the winner and “extremizing” all his predictions makes him do worse, not better. Like in Malcolm Gladwell’s Blink. Being a superforecaster inevitably involves a great deal of WORK. I was in GJP for a short while but I left. Is there an updated version of the cognitive reflection test? I think it’s something like what satanistgoblin says– people have a feeling of how much they want to spend on saving birds, and that’s what they’d say whether it’s 100 birds or 1000 birds, especially when the specific situation isn’t described. You miss the point. It’s not about saving or not saving the birds, it’s about consistency between the answers. It is interesting in that he retains a fundamentally positive outlook on Objectivism, despite his acrimonious personal relationship with Ayn Rand. I don’t think these are inevitable traits of very smart people, it’s more about cognitive style. Yeah, coz they always said pretty much the same amount so its the most and the least and the average and whatever by definition.

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Tetlock uses as his example of a hedgehog with one idea the pundit Larry Kudlow, who first had success with supply side economics in the Reagan Era. I have to say that the idea the book is useless for people familiar with Less Wrong is grounded in what I’ve considered (until now) a very deranged idea that the Less Wrong ideas are actually useful (given past failures at critical thinking training that was unlikely, something the LW community is blissfully unaware of). Big news items that seemed to take the world, maybe the media, by surprise, but that you saw coming. They’re not outstanding on any one trait, but bundle all those traits together and suddenly it’s a different ball game? Guess the Correlations? The last one is particularly significant since you can measure it quickly and conveniently and it gives you numerical answers; there are probably tests on the internet that relate to ANS in a more direct way but I’m too lazy to search for them. The correlation between math skills and accuracy was about the same as all the other correlations. Or I could give myself zero points for all of them if were being persnickety. You’d never get a book deal from successfully predicting business as usual. Also, even though I think libertarian and socialist investors will probably do equally well, I think this very fact supports the libertarian view of the economy and the extent to which it can or should be predicted and regulated: Hayek and the pretense of knowledge and all that. I added zero value to the process, unless it depends upon shills. I suspect that one big advantage Superforecasters have is awareness of how often cans get kicked down the road for another year. An insult to Emma Watson, brings talley-ho on her. Quantitative evidence about the relative contribution of different factors to success. Which is to say – why is it surprising that someone who approaches a problem at a more precise level tends to be more accurate? Actual study was not about preventing one bird species extinction, or birds being from one endangered species. I notice the site name is Morendil – is this Morendil the LWer? I think the issue is that the sample of people in question did not, on average, happen to hold useful ideological viewpoints compared to the questions asked.

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Or they might break the problem down into pieces: “There would have to be some sort of international incident, and then that incident would have to erupt into total war, and then that war would have to kill > 1,000 people. It seems like, in order to have a shot at consistently beating the people who trade Boeing, you need only be an expert in the airline industry, whereas to consistently beat the people who trade the DJIA as an index, you’d need to be an expert in all the other industries represented, as well as an expert in airlines? This ensures that the test is more towards “what are good practices/approaches to forecasting in general?” than just seeing who has the most complete knowledge of the topic at hand. Hedgehogs do substantially worse than the chimp on calibration while picking up only a bit of additional discrimination. The people who are being asked know it’s one of these types of artificial scenarios. So if it’s a binary event and I say .9, then if it happens, my error is (1 – .9)^2 + (0 – .1)^2 = .02. As I mentioned above, it sucked a lot of the fun out of reading the news by making it so goal-oriented. That is, the groups become echo chambers, but averaging a bunch of discussion groups is better than just averaging individuals who don’t discuss. I haven’t read much by Soros, but Rogers’ statements on investing always emphasize doing a lot of on-the-ground research. Hmm, well, in real life no morally sane person would ask me whether I wanted to let a trolley run over five innocent people instead of one, so in the example the five must be assholes who had it coming, and the question is like a test to see if I’ll realize this. How many less wrong rationalists aren’t superforecasters? Further, let’s not sneeze at social proof. Did it put, say, the middle 2% forecasters into groups, average and normalize their predictions the same way as the top 2%, and compare them?

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I participated in all GJP seasons. Non-supers tend to take too much of an inside view and neglect base rates. Kicking people in the shins probably also gets responses. Through an interdisciplinary literature review the concepts of Green Infrastructure, ecosystem health, romeo and juliet newspaper article homework help and human health and well-being are discussed. Its quick-and-dirty form is as simple as saying “It’s been 60 years since the last Korean War, so if nothing’s changed maybe the probability of a Korean War per year is somewhere on the order of 1/60.