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Also, be proactive. Offer to do the homework and make yourself appear sincerely apologetic. If you're an educator, you've undboubtedly heard your fair share of excuses from students who don't have their assigned homework with them, which can range from plausible to hilariously absurd. However, try to be careful moving forward. Tear the page in a way that it looks like the pages are missing from your book. Or there was too less time to do it. We were camping once and my dog did chew my work, three folders worth! This will make your missed homework appear to be for a genuine reason and not because you didn’t want to do it. The best one I heard at uni was “my desk set on fire.” Seriously. They always seem to be more angry when you actually did forget to bring it! Good because I didn’t do my homework. MAYBE if your teacher is really old and forgetful just say that you handed it in a few days before of you left it on his/her desk before school? So, you can tell your teacher that your friend didn’t understand the topic, so he borrowed your homework and promised to return back before the school time. In the future, try to make sure your assignments are done on time. Tell the truth: This is a revolutionary excuse. Next day, sims 2 doing homework “My parents dragged me into the city for dinner and we didn’t get home till 1:00. So, parents wont let me listen to music while doing homework if they really find the pages missing; that is surely not your mistake and you can be saved from the punishment for missing your homework. This reason will reflect the problem of your laptop and your teacher will not raise an eyebrow at you. I never thought it could be possible to order a great thesis from an online writing service. That’l work at school, but not at something like university level.

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Be careful your teacher isn't an e-mailer or he just might e-mail your parents for an update on your baby sister who doesn't exist. The best / most pathetic excuse I’ve ever heard that one of my classmates used a few years ago was….” You said do questions 1-10. So I’d just say that I accidentally got bumped when I was carrying my books and so the sheet flew out of the book into the construction site and when I got to the office the sheet got blown away by the wind. When I turned around the homework was in the Llama’s mouth! But again, doing laundry essay remember that don’t give this justification time and again. Yes, many times we complete our work but fail to pack up things. But again, remember that don’t give this reason if any topic is explained to you clearly in the class or if the topic of your written work is already explained to you in details. Due to audience interest, we've preserved it. Homework in Drama? I never remember that! Hi I have a really good excuse because at my school we have a construction site going on and we can’t get anything from there since its locked up tight. Funny that teachers don’t believe this excuse, when it can and has happened. Although most teachers won't follow through, filing a missing backpack report might not be a bad idea. Find out if your teacher likes you. Let this company write your important paper. You guys should make a youtube channel for MyAssignmenthelp services. I stayed at my dad's this weekend and left it there and my mom refuses to let me go back and get it: Teachers are suckers for dysfunctional family stories. My excuses are: I did it, coursework essay help and then I put it in my bag, but I wanted to check it and then i checked it and never put it back in!

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If you fail to submit your work and don’t have a convincing explanation; you are sure to be punished. So, just sort it out with the teacher. But using the same excuse again and again can be risky since your teacher will have a doubt you. This can instead be a good excuse for not doing homework. No teacher in his right mind would expect you to turn in that big assignment if it got stolen the very day it was due. You ASKED me to do it you didn’t TELL me to so I thought it was optional. Hence, teachers can easily trust this reason for yours. More experienced teachers are much more difficult to fool and more likely to be bitter and jaded. You can just say that “I have completed half of my task, but unfortunately my laptop automatically shut down and it was too late to find any repair shop open”. Sorry this reply is late but I decided to write it anyway for the future: be absent that day. My mom and dad got in a huge fight last night and the cops came and I couldn't concentrate on the assignment: Domestic violence isn't something to lie about...unless it's done to save your grade. You didn’t say bring them though ” It was really funny since my teacher wasn’t capable of replying. All in all, don’t stress too much about homework, if it’s really effecting you and is starting to bring down your mood or even worse, like for me, your mental state, please talk to your teachers about how you are struggling with the amount of homework. Just send them it in an email and attach a made up file ( for example essay.psfx) It sounds pretty real but when they go to open it the computer will not have the right program to open it! Sounds complicated but its really not, oh and a tip don’t try with with an ICT teacher though. Ask the whole class to fake the due date. It's that "time of the month": If you're a boy, don't try this. This will work if you use a notebook and an ink pen or one which isnt waterproof.

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In a hurry, most of the students normally forget some of their notebooks. So, at least give a try, and if you fail, give the true reason for it. Remarkable writing services! You saved my Bachelor’s degree. I left my binder in my mom's car and she's at work across town: This is a twist on the easy to see through "I left it at home" excuse. I dont need any excuse because I do my homework on time and get best help with homework from myassignmenthelp website. Know how gullible your teacher is. So, if you tell that you fail to complete your work because you were sick, buddhist primary homework help they will surely not punish you. But that’s not a lot of teachers, and let me tell you, secondary school / highschool do not prepare you for anything in college.