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US for playing Marion Kerby in the Topper (1953-1955) TV series based on the Thorne Smith (1926) novel that was turned into the hugely successful Cary Grant and Constance Bennett film (1937) that spawned two cinematic sequels, and which was the first black & white film to be digitally coloured. However the lack of rooms immediately before and after the convention may put off some latecomers. New Republic, 5-11-14) . The problem of memory and memoir in an age when technology has both overcome and highlighted the limits of the human brain's capacity.• Boom (Peter Arango, Medium, 5-26-17) On being a Baby Boomer, born in 1946-64. But Bana, her mother has told journalists, always understood that strangers were following her words. Phillips, WSJ, 10-20-12). A generation of Tom Clark's high school history students have been tracking down the families of Indiana's war dead and creating an archive of their stories. What they have in common.• First Person Festival of Memoir and Documentary Art (Philadelphia, annual event)• First Person Project brings a new take on history (Stephen May, The Red&Black, 4-18-13). At the time of his death he had just published his latest collection of shorts, the English translated title of which is Toy Boy and Other Lures. But in Brooklyn they find more questions than answers, until something impossible – magical – happens to Luna, and she meets her mother as a young woman back in the summer of 1977.  At first Luna’s thinks she’s going crazy, but if she can truly travel back in time, she can change things. At 50 and facing terminal cancer, Pam Fairmont made a video for her 10-year-old son Connor. How do we protect ourselves from the dark side of the digital future? Eric Winick's story prompts for incident-based storytelling, as reported by Katharine on the Story Prompts thread of A Storied Career, Kathy Hansen's interesting blog on the intersection and synthesis of various forms of applied storytelling.• Interviewing advice from oral historian Alessandro Portelli (podcast), part of his story about Hearing Harlan County, offers a glimpse into oral history. This Book World review of Mary Gordon's Circling My Mother suggests approaching a life story from various unreconciled angles)• Code Girls: The Untold Story of the American Women Code Breakers of World War II by Liza Mundy. Disney is not only demanding a bigger box office royalty for this specific film but dictating minimum cinema run times.  Typically 55% or occasionally even 60% of a cinema's cash box office take for a new blockbuster in the US goes to the studio but, according to Wall Street Joural news, Disney are demanding 65% for Star Wars: The Last Jedi.  Worse, especially for small cinemas, Disney demand that they screen the film daily for a whole month in each respective cinema's largest auditorium.

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Ambrose Oral History Award). Rutgers press release• Hearing Harlan County, an interview with oral historian Alessandro Portelli about his work interviewing people in Harlan County, business plan customer service policy Kentucky. Beauty and the Beast beat Star Wars: The Last Jedi: Beauty earned £4.1m more in the British Isles. New CRISPR tool turns genes on.  One problem with CRISPR is that no matter that it precisely cuts DNA, help with ks3 maths homework once the DNA is cut unless the edit is inserted promptly then something else can get in and so a mutation results. See useful links below, in fairly random order. P. Guilford was one of the first academic researchers who dared to conduct a study of creativity. State folklorist Claude Stephenson trimmed 261 oral portraits down to 240 words timed at 1.58 minutes each, snippets of New Mexico history about everyone from Ham the astrochimp to a UFO-spotting Socorro sheriff.• Seniors record stories to preserve personal history. Most men would rather have you hear their story than grant their wish." ~Old sayingAn oral history may be different from a video interview (for one thing, an oral history is typically archived for access by historians -- its aim is to capture history in the words of history's participants -- often around the theme of a particular oral history collection), but some of the same practical information may be helpful for video histories. The Smithsonian followed up with The Smithsonian's History of America in 101 Objects (by Richard Kurin). You can also find them in this Huff Post story, What Are the Twenty Questions?• What questions should you ask in a video biography interview? Klein, Jewish Forward, 10-24-18) A traveling exhibition originating at the Illinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center, in Skokie, a Chicago suburb known for its high concentration of Holocaust survivors, makes these linkages explicit and encourages reflection on how objects acquire and change meaning.• The Intergenerational Self.

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And they worked in the fields alongside Japanese farmworkers, and Black farmworkers, and Mexican and Chicano farmworkers – the laboring classes." During World War II, Italian and German farmworkers were subject to a dusk to dawn curfew, and Japanese farmworkers were rounded up and sent to Japanese internment camps. Mini-memoir as love letter.• The Daily Digi, devoted to digital scrapbooking (for do-it-yourselfers), has how-to articles, such as Planning an Album or Photobook and Printing Photobooks and Albums for Scrapbookers, by Liz of Paislee Press and Audrey Neal of Audacious Designs• Dancing in the Wonder For 102 Years: An Autobiography by Marilee Shapiro Asher with her cousin Linda Hansell. In a world of Alphas and their weaker Omega twins, Cass and Zach have the power to change the world…  Apparently Dreamworks have the option rights for a film. The arguments against include that red dwarves are so cool that habitable planets have to be so close that they could become tidally, or near-tidally, locked and so not have the more uniform planetary surface temperature conducive to life being potentially common on most of the surface. Storyteller’s Techniques Help Students Create and Save Stories (Marjorie Turner Hollman, APH blog, 9-18-13) Hollman's storytelling background helped her draw the kids in and teach them not only to tell their stories but to write them down. Conservation Online's clearinghouse of information about motion picture film preservation---Home Film Preservation Guide (AMIA, Film Forever)---National Film Preservation Foundation and National Film Preservation Board (support film preservation and research)---Motion picture film labs (list posted by AMIA Film Advocacy Task Force)• Hard-core data preservation: The best media and methods for archiving your data (Jon L. The authors also point out that while the provision of staffed public and prison libraries is a legal requirement, college essay help online the provision of staffed school libraries is not. The Bookseller Association made a preliminary announcement (subject to data checking) saying that the number of independent bookshops in the UK has not declined in 2017. In addition to the Guests of Honour previously announced, myth man's homework help center the sculptor Didier Cottier will be exhibiting his SFnal artworks together with an exhibition of European and African artists. It had been halted — and the driver killed — just one short block away."• Jeanette Winterson on Adoption, Belonging, and How We Use Storytelling to Save Ourselves (Maria Popova, BrainPickings) "Adopted children are self-invented because we have to be; there is an absence, a void, a question mark at the very beginning of our lives....When we tell a story we exercise control, but in such a way as to leave a gap, an opening. Those who write fiction ask questions and draw on their own experiences but then tell an imagined story. But no sooner do they arrive at the Tower than Senlin loses her in the teeming throng.

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In fact, only a meager 25 percent did. I want to be able to look back on my life and preserve the memories in case my brain cells refuse to cooperate and to retrieve on demand in the future." Comments mention the value for public history, and one person cites a woman who at the age of 96 said, “I wondered why I wanted to write a memoir. The Queens of Innis Lear by Tessa Gratton, Harper Voyager, £12.99, hrdbk, ISBN 978-0-008-28187-8. Gillian Mawson's community group of Guernsey evacuees (ages 72 to 90) in Northern England, sharing stories with each other and the community about evacuating during World War II. She danced at clubs such as The Apollo, Cotton Club, and Zanzibar Club, with legends including Frank Sinatra, Gene Kelly, and Bill "Bojangles" Robinson. Created in 1935 as part of the U.S. Now he turns to SF.  From the competitive pricing, and that this is one of the few hardbacks Orbit are publishing this spring, the publishers must reckon that this could do well. For people with dementia, storytelling sparks rich and imaginative responses, even from those who have forgotten the names of their loved ones. Maybe it will be a model for someone you know!• Have You Heard? One citizen died a fortnight ago. It can be organized later. What you want is to get the stories and information flowing in ways that mean something to the storytellers, and that capture their ways of expressing themselves, their voice, their style, their take on the world. Reardon, Chicago Tribune, 12-10-11).

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The Democrats flipped their first two Republican-held House seats Tuesday in Florida and Virginia but fell short in a closely watched race in Kentucky as they fought to wrest control of the chamber from the GOP and confront President Donald Trump. A collection of shorts from the author of the Anno Dracula series featuring a secret wing of the government agency that deals with supernatural threats. India or other nations where the wages are a great deal lower. Guided Autobiography: Small Group Sharing (YouTube video)---VOICES: Reflections on the Guided Autobiography Experience---Urban Senior: Guided Autobiography (Sandra thomas, Vancouver Courier, professional resume writing service halifax 9-1-16 Wendy Bancroft helps people of all ages, but especially older adults, keep their memories alive through stories, which she guides them to write — two pages at a time. My Words Are Gonna Linger: The Art of Personal History ed. Our books may be cheaper from large online book retailers but we pay for it in having to make up tax shortfall or increased national debt on which interest has to be paid.  +++ Separately, relating to Amazon European Commission tax concerns above, the EC has noted that technology companies (such as Amazon, Google, Apple and Facebook) pay less than half the tax of their counterpart bricks-and-mortar businesses.