Reconciling CPS perspectives

Panel participants:

As CPS is being established as a research area in its own right, it still means different things to different people. It is still not uncommon to hear from both researchers and practitioners that they have been building cyber-physical systems for years, but under different names.

The goal of this panel is to foster a common understanding of the nature of CPS by comparing perspectives of the CPS from several visionaries of the field.

The panel bring together academic researchers, industry practitioners, and funding agents. They have been, respectively, developing technologies that are now seen to be at the core of the CPS; building systems of the kind that stand to benefit most from CPS technology; and funding research in CPS-related areas such as embedded and hybrid systems, real-time systems, sensor networks. What brings them together is understanding that "business as usual" is not going to bring the desired results any more for future CPS.

Panel participants will be asked to address the following questions during their presentations:

  • - What is your perspective on the CPS field?
  • - Why is CPS not just the extension of your field?
  • - How did you come to realize the need for the new field of study?
  • - What is your ideal vision of CPS research and development?
  • - How can we invigorate the CPS community?

The audience is strongly encouraged to participate in the discussion through questions to the panelists as well as directly by addressing the questions above. If you would like to make a larger, prepared statement, please contact the ICCPS program chairs, Insup Lee and Oleg Sokolsky